Backups are a critical component to ensuring the health of the Stoplight platform. When creating a backup and restore strategy for your on-premise installation, be sure to include the following locations:

  • The GitLab data directory, which includes the raw filesystem data backing each projects Git repository.
  • The GitLab configuration directory, which includes randomly-generated secrets and keys necessary for securing the GitLab runtime.
  • The GitLab PostgreSQL database, which includes user, group, permissions, and other relational data not included in the Git repositories.
  • The Pubs data directory, which includes published hubs and their corresponding configurations.

Backing up all locations above will ensure you can properly restore a Stoplight installation without data loss.

GitLab Backup Procedures

GitLab is a critical piece of the Stoplight platform. Stoplight recommends, at a minimum, daily backups of the GitLab database and filesystem to ensure minimal data loss in the event of a failure.

To run a backup for GitLab, which includes a snapshot of the filesystem and database, run the command:

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create

Backups are in zip format, making them very easy to store in remote or cloud storage. GitLab also offers built-in capabilities that provide automatic uploads to cloud storage providers when configured.

If you do not use the built-in backup utility, it is critical that both the PostgreSQL database and filesystem data (including data directories and configuration directories) be recorded.

For more information, please see the official GitLab backup documentation here.

Pubs Backup Procedures

Pubs stores all published hubs created via the Stoplight application. While not critical to the health of the Stoplight Enterprise platform, it is recommended that the pubs data directory is backed up on a regular basis.

To perform a backup of the Pubs data directory, take a tarball snapshot of the Pubs data directory and configuration directory. By default, the Pubs data directory is located at /var/lib/pubs, and the configuration directory is located at /etc/pubs.

To perform a backup, run the command:

sudo tar -cvzf pubs-backup.$(date +%s).tar.gz /var/lib/pubs /etc/pubs

Once the backup is completed, the tarball output can be stored on redundant or cloud storage. To ensure you have a recent backup available at all times, Stoplight recommends taking a backup daily.