Installing the Frontend

The frontend component is the Stoplight user-interface.

Networking Details

The default port for this component is TCP port 4050. The port can be customized using the PORT configuration variable.

This component must be able to receive incoming connections from the following components:

  • Clients (ie, web browsers or Stoplight Studio instances)

This component must be able to make outgoing connections to the following components:

  • Backend

Component Dependencies

Make sure the following components are available before starting this component:

  • Backend

RPM Installation

Prior to installing the RPM package, you will need to:

  • Install NodeJS v10.x

  • Have the Stoplight package repository installed and configured with your user-specific credentials

Installing NodeJS

If you do not have access to a NodeJS package in your default repositories, run the command:

sudo rpm -Uvh

Once the installation has completed, verify the version installed with the command:

$ node --version

If you do not see a version starting v10.16.0, contact Stoplight support for assistance.

Setting up the Package Repository

You can setup the Stoplight package repo by copying-and-pasting the contents below into a terminal:

# expose credentials to environment first

# write credentials to repo file
cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/stoplight.repo
name=Stoplight Package Repository

Make sure that the repository credentials are set before issuing the cat command above.

Installing the Package

Once the repository is configured properly, you can install the package using the command:

sudo yum install stoplight-frontend -y

To start the service, run the command:

sudo systemctl start stoplight-frontend

Once started, you can see the status of the service using the command:

sudo systemctl status stoplight-frontend

Configuration Options

The configuration file for this component defaults to:


Be sure to customize any variables as needed to match your environment before starting the service. Any changes to the configuration will require a service restart in order to take effect.

sudo systemctl restart stoplight-frontend


Full URL to the backend API.